18 Hairstyles for women over 60


You’ll notice that your hair changes as you get older. Hair fall is more common, and the longer your hair is, the more difficult it is to keep it looking good. And here’s the worst part: It also begins to lose its sheen. So, what’s the answer to this paradox? Haircut! is the solution. However, when we grow older, we don’t seem to pay as much attention to our hair. That shouldn’t be the situation, and our age shouldn’t prevent us from being the person we want to be. The 18 Hairstyles for Women Over 60 mentioned below are designed for older women.

Side-Swept Bangs

The combination of side-swept hair and curly locks is stunning. Choose this look if you have a formal event coming up where you will be required to wear a gown. It will give you an elegant and beautiful appearance. To get the most out of this look, use a deep sweep.

Kinky Curls

Bangs quickly give your hair a fuller appearance. Adding curls can just add volume to your hair. With your thumbs, mess up the top of your kinky hair, leaving the bottom curls alone. This will give your hair more height.

Curly Bob

Curling the ends of your hair gives your face a slimmer appearance and makes your hair add volume. To build a classy and trendy look, do this hairstyle on a short bob. This is one of the best  Hairstyles for Women Over 60.

The Curly Lift

Waves, whether large or thin, give your hair a bouncy, thick appearance. Start the waves a little below the roots to give them a more natural appearance. The waves would run smoothly as a result of this.

Layered Curls

If you have curly hair, you can highlight the curls to make them look gorgeously messy.  Layers are a good way to frame your face and show off your knotted hair. To get the most out of your curls, apply a curl shaping cream to damp hair.

Feathered Bangs with Inward Layers

This hairstyle is stunning! It’s appropriate for women who want to show off their hair but are hesitant to do so because it’s too thin. The layers help to add height, while the bangs help to frame your face. Your hair will appear voluminous with the feathered ends flicked inwards.

Wavy Hair with Blunt Ends

The easiest way to make your hair look shiny, voluminous, and complete the style it in waves. To draw attention away from your big cheeks, go for tight, well-defined waves. This hairstyle often softens your features, giving you a more natural appearance.

The Side-Swept Bob

The bob, like side-swept hair, is still in style. So, why not combine the two? This hairstyle is classy. The side-swept bangs will slim your face and give your bob a sleek look.

Retro Waves

This hairstyle looks like it came straight out of a classic Hollywood film! It’s ideal for women who don’t want their hair cut too short. The huge loose waves at the ends will elongate your face’s lower half.

The Classic Bob

This is it if you’re looking for something easy and elegant. The bob looks sleek due to the feathered side-swept bangs.

Curly Ends

This is the perfect way to add some zing to your short hair if you’ve always had it short. Curl the ends of your hair with velcro rollers to make it look fuller and more stylish.

The Shag Hairdo

The shag hairstyle is perfect for making women look younger due to its high multiple layers. The layers add volume to your hair while also slimming the lower half of your face.

The Swept-Up Bob

This is the hairstyle for you if you want to look trendy but your hair needs to be low-maintenance. Your face appears long and lean thanks to the swept-up bob. Apply a strong-hold hair gel to the top of your head and brush the hair upwards to achieve this look. Spray your hair with hairspray and secure it in position for a few hours.

The Classic Judi

Judi Dench still wears her hair in a pixie cut. It’s a low-maintenance look that’s both easy and fun to experiment with. Take a look at her spiky hair on top of her head. 

The Blunt Lob

This hairstyle is common among women. Your hair looks lush and fuller with thick blunt ends. The side parting helps to slim down a high forehead and broad cheeks.

Big Curls

With some styling mousse and velcro rollers, you can achieve this incredible look. Apply hairspray or mousse to your tresses. Using velcro rollers, roll medium-sized bits of your hair and leave them in overnight.

The Simple Bob

The bob is a common hairstyle among older women, and it’s easy to see. It’s very fashionable and flattering on almost all face types. 

Volume Bob

Who doesn’t want voluminous hair? Because of the slight raise visible near the roots, this bob is voluminous as it comes. This look is created by brushing your hair near the roots.


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