How to clean makeup brushes at home


Spotless makeup requires practice for doing makeup. The brush strokes, choosing the correct items, realizing which brush to use when thus numerous other easily overlooked details that make the ideal look. Mainly brushes are the foundation of your excellent makeup kit. Your brushes will choose how beautiful your makeup will look. What’s more, to get an elegant look it’s essential to keep them clean.

Although cosmetics brushes don’t need a lot of care on regular basis. But, it is necessary to clean those tools on daily basis. Unwashed brushes can raise microscopic organisms, and the development of cosmetics items can make the fibers unpleasant. These cosmetics brushes can cause skin inflammation breakouts and potentially rashes when used. The more you delay cleaning your brushes, the more microscopic organisms and growths can develop and prompt conditions like skin break out, pink eye.

Using Soap and Water

How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

If you want to keep your brushes clean routinely, it will save time and effort with regards to washing them. Makeup brushes that manage items, for example, establishment and powder require more washing. Eye cosmetics and concealer brushes ought to be washed every other week and the rest once per month.

Run the Bristles Under Lukewarm Water

Hold the brushes in the lukewarm water (bristle side up). It will keep the water from getting inside the metal catch and destroying the magic that binds the fibers. Allow the water to go through the fibers until a large portion of the old cosmetics soaks away. Tenderly wipe the fibers on your palm to clean out any cosmetics stick inside. Make sure that you don’t use boiling water as the warmth may harm the fibers.

Take Some Shampoo and Cleanse the Bristles

Apply a small amount of cleanser to the fibers. By gently rubbing the foamy water into the fibers, you can help the cosmetics grow and soil. Repeat the procedure until the surface is smooth.

Pat the Makeup Brush Bristles Dry

After that, gently remove the dampness with a towel. If the fibers become irregular, you can reshape them at that point. After that, dry the brush on a surface.

Removing Oil from the Brushes

Analyze the makeup Brush

If you applied cream-based cosmetics with your makeup brush, soap and water would not be sufficient to remove it. It takes a little oil to loosen up the makeup, mostly if it’s been staying on the brush for some time.

Put some Oil on Paper Towel

Fold a paper towel and pour a drop of oil onto it in this process. Use a light oil, such as olive or almond, for this. Instead of soaking the brush in the oil, dip the bristles into it and swirl them on the oiled portion of the paper towel. Run the brush over the towel gently to loosen the dirt and pigment.

Use Water and Soap

After you’ve completed the above procedures, clean your makeup brushes with soap and water.

How to take care of Makeup Brushes and Clean Them

When drying the brushes, avoid storing them upright

This is necessary because allowing water to soak into the path would result in staining and corrosion of the brush handle. When the brushes are fully dry, store them upright.

Makeup Brushes Must Not Be Used with a Hairdryer or Flatiron

Since makeup brushes are so delicate, intense heat from a hairdryer or flatiron can destroy them.

Brushes should be dried in a well-open area

When you dry your brushes in a closed space, the bristles won’t get enough air, which can lead to dampness.

Sanitizing the makeup brushes is a good idea

When washing or drying your makeup brushes, disinfect them with a vinegar solution. Once the bristles are dry, the vinegar scent can drain away.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your makeup brushes can help them perform better while applying makeup. It’s also crucial to have high-quality makeup brushes that don’t quickly deteriorate after being washed.

If you don’t clean your brushes regularly, they will eventually grow harmful bacteria. This will not only damage your skin, but it can also destroy your favorite makeup if you continue to use it on your skin! It’s the appropriate environment for bacteria to multiply and break down your cosmetics.

Makeup usage can be hampered by dirty brushes and product buildup. Picking up the product will be more difficult, and mixing will be less smooth. Have you ever used a hard foundation brush? You’ll know it’s time to wash them when you see this! Over time, the old liquid foundation will congeal, causing the bristles to bind together.

Eyeshadow build-up will make your eyeshadow look gritty and change the color and texture of your eye makeup. The longer you wait to wash your dirty brushes, the more difficult it will be to remove all of the dirt. Taking care of your brushes extends their life and ensures that they retain their consistency.


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