How to Lighten Hair without Bleach


The most obvious way to lighten hair is to use highlights. When it comes to highlights, there’s no avoiding the use of chlorine. Bleach comes with highlights, and that’s the end of the story.

Before know about how to lighten hair without bleach, it’s important to understand why highlights need bleach.

Bleach has properties that aid in the acceptance of new colors in the hair. The hair cuticle rises when a bleach solution comes into contact with it, allowing the highlight color to absorb.

That is the end of the discussion. That is everything there is to it. Let’s look at some other options for lightening your hair now that you know why no bleach means no highlights.

There are a number of alternatives to using toxic chemicals to achieve lighter hair. Stronger methods may be needed depending on your initial hair color and style. Here are a few of our favorite non-bleach natural ways to lighten the hair.

lighten hair


If you’ve ever found that your hair seems lighter after a summer in the sun. Sunshine is a fully natural and chemical-free hair lightener. This is because when the sun’s rays interact with the oxygen in the air, a reaction occurs in the melanin (our hair’s natural pigmentation), making hair appear lighter.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice acts as a mild oxidizer. It works in a similar way to bleach, albeit on a much smaller scale. Lemon juice’s acidity decreases hair pigmentation chemically, which is why it can make hair look thinner and more “white.”

Lemon juice is heat activated, which means that once the sun’s heat opens up hair cuticles, the lemon juice will begin to lighten hair colour. This “bleaching” phase is accelerated by coating hair in lemon juice before sun exposure.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile’s benefits extend beyond making delicious tea. You can also use chamomile to lighten your hair! It’s all-natural and won’t break your hair’s cuticles; all it does is fade your pigment. It won’t make a huge difference, but it will lighten your hair considerably. Pure chamomile may also be used to refresh and revitalize tired hair, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Make a few good cups of chamomile tea and saturate your hair with it. It would be even more effective if you can lie in the light. Using the chamomile tea as a pre-soak before your daily shower routine if you don’t have one. Allow 30 minutes for it to soak through your hair before rinsing it out and returning to your daily routine.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Since it helps to regulate our hair’s pH levels, ACV can be used as a lightener. It’s an acidic agent that gently lightens hair by dissolving any excess oils, dirt, or residue. ACV is also a fantastic detangler and can aid in frizz control.

To dilute ACV, combine it with five times the amount of water. Pour this paste over your hair after shampooing and conditioning, and rub it in for about 30 seconds. After that, rinse it off and continue using your conditioner. ACV is one of our favorite ingredients to use in conditioner because it benefits not only your hair but also your scalp.

Saltwater Solution

By making your own saltwater solution at home, you can simulate the lightning effects of seawater. Salt combines with keratin in your hair to lighten it naturally. Minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, contained in sea salt, help to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. This approach works best when you’re near a beach or at a cottage. If you’re at home, though, consider soaking in a bath and then rinsing it off with a shower.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, to be precise. Baking soda is yet another one-hit-wonder that seems to do anything. Baking soda will lighten hair in the same way that it whitens teeth.

To make a paste-like consistency, combine baking soda and warm water in a small cup. (Make enough to cover the entire length of your hair with a light coating, depending on how much hair you have.) Apply the paste evenly to your hair strands and rub it in. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off in the tub. Baking soda can help eliminate impurities and lighten hair, leaving it looking new, clean, and volumized. Simply rinse it off thoroughly and follow with a deep conditioner, as any leftover baking soda left on your hair can be harsh and dry your scalp.

We’ll always be here for you if these natural lightening techniques aren’t cutting it for you and you choose to highlight or bleach your hair, whether at home or professionally. The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. All of our items are hydrating and nourishing, ensuring that your hair remains healthy during the process. We build hair care that is customized to your specific requirements. Let us know about any color treatments you’ve had or want to have during your consultation, and we’ll make your items with extra ingredients to help your hair thrive.


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