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How to take off Eyelash Extensions at Home

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Eyelash extensions enhance the appearance of your skin, but they do not last indefinitely. Lash extensions are held in place with a heavy adhesive that resists soap and water, making them difficult to remove. Before you can remove the extensions without damaging your natural lashes, you’ll need to break down the glue. With glue, remover can be used to take off Eyelash Extensions at Home. If your lashes are beginning to fall out, use steam and oil to remove the remainder. It’s best, though, to have your eyelash extensions removed by a specialist.

Method to take off Eyelash Extensions at Home

1.     Applying Glue Remover at Home – Invest in a high-quality eyelash extension glue remover. Standard eyelash glue remover can not work on your lashes because the glue used to apply eyelash extensions is very solid. Get a glue remover that claims it’s “professional grade” and is labelled for use on eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension glue remover is available at drugstores, beauty supply stores, and online.

Make inquiries about the product used by the technician if you had your extensions done professionally. After that, see if you can buy it from them.

2.     To see where the extensions begin, remove your eye makeup – Wipe the eyes with a cotton swab or pad soaked in eye makeup remover. Make sure you take off all of your eyeliner and mascara. This will help you determine between your natural lashes and the extensions.

This phase can be completed with your regular makeup remover.

Use a cotton ball or a fuzzy pad instead of a cotton ball or a fuzzy pad because they can leave lint or cotton fibers on your lashes.

3.     To protect your face, use under-eye pads – The adhesive on the back of under-eye pads is small, C-shaped pads. These pads are great for protecting the sensitive skin around your eyes. Pull the back of a pad’s adhesive side off to apply them.

This is an optional measure that will help keep the glue remover away from your face. Itching and itching can occur if the glue remover comes into contact with your skin.

Under eye pads are available at your nearest beauty supply store or online.

4.     2 brush applicators or spoolies, eyelash glue remover – To add the adhesive remover to your lashes, use disposable brush applicators or spoolies. Apply glue remover to the brush end of all applicators or spoolies. After that, set aside one of the applicators or spoolies for later.

To apply the glue remover, you’ll need one applicator or spoolie. Then you’ll delete your extensions with the second applicator.

If you prefer, wait until you need the glue remover to add it to the second applicator. However, since your eyes will be closed after you apply the glue remover, it will be difficult for you to see.

5.     Close the eye you’re working on so the glue remover doesn’t get into it. It’s important not to get glue remover in your eyes because it can burn and irritate them. Close your eyes tightly before applying the remover, and keep them closed until you’re done removing the extensions.

6.     Swipe the applicator or spoolie from the middle to the tips of your lashes. As if you were applying mascara, pull the applicator or spoolie through your lashes. Concentrate on the ends of your lashes, since this is where the extensions will be added. You don’t have to use glue remover on your natural lashes under the extensions.

7.     Extract the glue from the lower portion of your lashes, avoiding the lash line. Apply a thin layer of glue remover to your lashes just below the midpoint. This will ensure that the adhesive is fully dissolved. However, avoid using the glue remover on your lashes’ roots or lash line. It could irritate your face, and you don’t want to put it in your eye.

8.     Allow 3 minutes for the glue remover to break down the glue. Set a timer for 3 minutes to allow the glue remover to dissolve. When the glue remover is on your lashes, keep your eyes closed. After 3 minutes, don’t rinse off the remover because you still need to cut the extensions.

Some glue removers will tell help you to leave it on for up to 5 minutes. Check the instructions for the product you’re using on the box.

9.     To take off Eyelash Extensions at Home with the second applicator or spoolies through your lashes – Take out the second applicator or spoolies that you previously covered with glue remover. Then, starting below the midpoint, slowly pull the applicator or spoolies through your lashes.

To delete all of your extensions, you can need to make multiple passes. When you just see your natural lashes, which will be shorter and more evenly spaced, you’ll know they’re all gone.

When you’ve disabled the extensions, throw them away.

10.  To remove excess adhesive remover, use a gentle eye makeup remover – To remove any extra adhesive or glue remover, soak a cotton swab or pad in makeup remover and rub it over your eyes. Make many passes over the area to ensure it is completely clean.

It’s totally alright to cleanse your face instead.

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